• Head-to-toe white, a concept for the confident. #DonnaKaran
  • Draped to perfection.
Click the link in bio to shop the Crepe Draped Lapel Long Vest. #DonnaKaran
  • Our signature pinstripe, reimagined with soft, quilted nappa leather. Designed to go everywhere, elegantly. #DonnaKaran
  • Tailoring with a luxe finish.
Shop the Satin One-Button Blazer and Satin Trouser on #DonnaKaran
  • An iconic elegance meets a powerful hue. Shop #DonnaKaran dresses at the link in bio.
  • The best mornings start with a touch of cashmere.
Click the link in bio to shop Cashmere Mist fragrances. #DonnaKaran
  • Add a little warmth to your winter.
Wrap up in the #DonnaKaran Oversized Down Coat.
  • A striking look for an evening out in the city. Shop new pieces from the #DonnaKaran collection on
  • Embrace the luxurious, sensual scent of Cashmere Mist.
Click the link in bio to shop #DonnaKaran Cashmere Mist.
  • A sleek tote that takes you from uptown to downtown.
Click the link in bio to shop the Medium Sutton Leather Tote. #DonnaKaran

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